Pigeon Forge Pirate Shows

on Oct 8, 2018 in Pigeon Forge, Smoky Mountains, Vacation Rentals in Tennessee

Pigeon Forge Pirate Shows

You could say that Pigeon Forge is full of surprises. Always growing with the times and changing things up for the many vacationers that choose to visit with us near The Great Smoky Mountains each year. This always changing city just announced two new dinner shows that are said to be opening Spring 2019. Both shows will feature pirates! So lets dive into these Pigeon Forge Pirate Shows and see what all they will entail when they open us this coming year.

Pirates Voyage-Fun, Feast & Adventure

Our very own Dolly Parton is at it again! She just announced that she will be opening a second location of her Pirates Voyage right here in Pigeon Forge. For those of you that vacation in Myrtle Beach, you may have been to it. For about a decade, the Myrtle Beach location has had great success and fans love to go there every time they are in town. For that reason, Mrs. Parton decided to bring the same show on over to the Smokies! “The show has been so successful in Myrtle Beach that we kept looking at Pigeon Forge and wondering why we didn’t already have a Pirates show there,” Parton said. “We have the perfect location, in one of the hottest areas of Pigeon Forge, and the time is now for my pirates to stake claim to the Great Smoky Mountains!”

The 21,000 square foot arena is adjacent to the Island in Pigeon Forge and will be the home and stage for Crimson and Sapphire pirates. They will battle on the deck, in the water and in the sky above with incredible aerial acts. One of the best features of this show, in my opinion, is the full sized pirate ships that sit in the 15 foot deep lagoon. Throughout the performance, guests will witness incredible acrobatic competitions, live animals and original music by Dolly Parton herself. During the performance, you will be able to enjoy a four course feast, fit for pirates only. Construction will begin in January and this all new Pigeon Forge Pirate Show will be opening Spring of 2019.

Pirates Revenge Dinner & Show

It must be the year for the pirates to invade the Smokies because there is another Pirates Dinner Show opening this Spring as well. The Fee/Hedrick Family Entertainment Group announced they will also sail into Pigeon Forge. The Fee/Hedrick Group are known for the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show, Magic Beyond Belief, Comedy Barn, Amazing Animals Show and The Smoky Mountain Opry. This new dinner show will be in the current Smoky Mountain Opry building. Construction will begin this winter. This new adventure for families is said to include a retractable water stage that will be the largest in the Southeast, moving pirate ships, acrobats, stunt divers, dancers and live animals. “We’ve enlisted the help of the best technological experts in the world to help with innovative thematic and production elements,” said David Fee. “Our writing team has worked on projects for Broadway shows as well as Disney and Universal productions. This show will be like no other in existence.”

The building (where Smoky Mountain Opry currently resides) will be undergoing a huge change. In addition to the building changes, they will be adding a moat and drawbridge that will take people through the front doors. The Magic Beyond Belief show that is also held inside the Smoky Mountain Opry building will be moving into its own theater, across the street from the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show. They have also said they hope to move the Opry Show to a different location as well which they will announce at a later time.

And there you have it folks! All the information we have on these new Pigeon Forge Pirate Shows that will be opening this coming Spring. As I said earlier, Pigeon Forge is always thinking of new ways to entertain vacationers that come to this area. I would say, that once again, these two new Pigeon Forge Pirate Shows will be a huge hit among guests. We simply cannot wait to go and view these new shows ourselves. As always, we will keep you posted on any news we hear in the months to come on these brand new and exciting Pigeon Forge Pirate Shows!


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